6 Clever Ways To Wrap a Gift

Gift Wrap with a Map

Nothing makes me feel better than when I receive a beautifully wrapped gift. There’s just something about knowing that the person took that extra bit of time to make you feel extra special. That being said, I also know we don’t always have time to create a beautifully wrapped gift, and that’s okay. It truly is the thought that counts. So, I have included several cute gift wrapping ideas, well I think so at least, ha. Maybe you don’t think they’re all that cute.

The first idea is to let your child do the decorating. I had Ellie decorate a gift for a good friend’s little boy who was turning one. She loved every minute of it, and she really took pride in what she had made. She colored a picture for the gift, and then she just put stickers all over it.

We also tried something that we hadn’t done before with the gift. With him being one, I knew he wouldn’t care much what we got him, so our real gift was money. However, I also wanted Ellie to feel as though she had gotten him a gift, and what better way to do that than to have her pick out one of her very own toys to give him. I hand selected several toys that would be age appropriate and then had her choose.

What made this gift so special is that she really felt like it was from her. She gave him something that belonged to her, and she decorated the package. It was fun to see her grasp the concept of giving. That was what I wanted to accomplish, and it totally worked. She desperately wanted to give him her present…she asked me five times if she could give it to him. She was thrilled when he finally opened it!

Custom Kids Gift Wrap

Another one of my good friend’s turned 30 this year, and my husband and I were lucky enough to spend her birthday with her and her husband. I wrapped her gift in a map of China…which I had to steal from my mom. You see, I had done this before, and I must have used China on one of the other gifts. Why China you ask. Well, she is wanting to adopt a child from China, so I wanted to put that extra special something into the gift wrap. And I love the way a gift looks wrapped in a map anyway, so it was a win win.

Another thing that made the gift special to her is that I got her a necklace that I purchased at another friend’s adoption party. I also got it for myself, because I liked it so much! The friend I bought the necklace from is also adopting from China, so it was perfect. The necklace is called Katie’s Red Dirt Road, and the necklaces are made by Uganda women. 147 million orphans is the “company” that sells them, for lack of a better word. Please check out their site, they have an amazing vision, and if you are interested in any of their products, please make a comment on my blog and I can put you in contact with my friend Jill. I would love for any orders to benefit her adoption.

Gift Wrap with a Map

This is probably my favorite present I wrapped recently. It is for my nephew Henry. I recently got him excited about The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so I stuck a picture of him on his present and proceeded to make him a “Mikey” mask…his favorite turtle. Once I did that, the present still felt incomplete, so I taped a party hat on the gift and added a number 5 to the hat. I think he got the best wrapped gift, because he really gets excited about the details, and I just love it when he gets all worked up! Oh yeah, this is the pin that inspired my segment on gift wrap. It was the inspiration behind Henry’s gift, but as you can see, I changed it up quite a bit.

I will say, at Christmas I did use just plain pictures on family gifts so the kids could help pass out the gifts. It worked really well. None of them had to ask who the gift was to, and they were super excited to see a gift with their own face on it!

Super Hero Gift Wrap

My next idea came from my friend Tiffany, and I actually haven’t wrapped any gifts like this yet, but I had to share the idea. It was so clever, and Ellie loved it! Anyway, my friend filled a really cute Minnie Mouse lunch box with all sorts of fun things, like a sandwich box, some bracelets, wipes, etc.

Gift Wrap with a Lunch Box

For those of you who have friends that send out super cute invitations, a really cute and easy thing to do is to just attach the invitation to your package and add a bow. That’s what I did here, and I love how it turned out. I was thrilled to find burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby! I think I’ll be using it a lot.

Gift Wrap with an Invitation

Finally, my father-in passed along a couple nice cigar boxes, and if you have access to any of these, I would highly recommend wrapping a gift in them. You could mod podge the top, or you could even leave it plain. I intend to leave the one he gave me plain, and put a gift card in it for my nephew who will be 10 this year. I think he’ll think it’s really cool, and knowing him, he’ll probably want to make something out of it himself.

Gift Wrap with a Cigar Box

Hopefully one of these ideas jumps out at you, and you give it a try. I normally try to think of the person before I wrap their gift. And there are certainly times I just throw the gift into a gift bag (more often than not, probably), sometimes you just don’t have time to be creative. That’s fine,too. I just wanted to provide you with a few ideas if you wanted to try something new. If you have any other great ideas, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. And hey, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and get new posts delivered to your inbox. Thanks for pinning with me!

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  1. I’ve never seen burlap ribbon before. Now I want to go find some for myself. I love the map and the black mesh, great combo!

    And now I want to do something similar for Ruth when she turns 4 next month. Maybe a pic of her with a princess crown…possibilities!

    • I know, I was so excited to find the burlap ribbon. I’ve already used it on so many things. Let me know how Ruth likes her wrapping! Henry was super excited about his.

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